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Design an online booking system that would be clear enough to get your mother to book a flight. The stakeholders felt strongly about showing seven days, and two fare classes, each with three bundles. The secondary task was to wrap a simple marketing site around the booking path, giving little information about the company.


Five months from the first round of design to MVP. After the launch, I continued working with the stakeholders and programmers for seven months through the deployment of a CMS. We made minor adjustments and additions based on AB Testing and feature upgrades through multiple iterations.  

In this role, I met daily with the stakeholders in Norway, England, Florida, and the team of Detroit programmers to ensure we were creating a solid, low-friction system that followed the brand guidelines for this new airline.  


AdobeXD-Prototype /Design, Azure Dev Ops- project tracking, Teams & Slack-communication, Photoshop, Illustrator -for icon creation and image manipulation.

The first steps

Much of this process was very compressed.  As I worked on smoothing out the look and feel, the programmers were working on the backend, laying the groundwork for what the UI would sit on.

My first steps were to follow the brand guide and create an appealing landing page highlighting features and destinations. - This established the styles to be used in the booking path.


The stakeholders and I researched other low-cost carriers and large airline booking path functions to identify elements that did and did not work. Next, I created designs in XD and shared multiple iterations until we settled on a system we felt would be user-friendly and worked programmatically. In addition, I was learning the limitations of working with Navitaire, a third-party reservation system.  Ultimately, I had to take our dream designs and scale them back for the MVP.

Because of the incredibly tight deadline, the programmers needed to start building. No official polling was completed or SWOT charts created. Instead, user profiles were established and targeted.



Upon completing the design, people (including mothers/grandmothers) were questioned about the ease of booking a flight. The UI was tweaked accordingly to response. Throughout building the system, colors and buttons were cross-checked for ADA compliance.


After the site went live, the airline administered A/B testing for placement of the booking widget, sale banners, and the booking path Search and Continue button colors. 

Approved Design Direction

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