Montana Vein and Surgical Clinics, started by Andrew Grace , MD in 2007, have been growing and changing yearly. The projects started as two identity packages and grew to separate websites.  Once those were up an running, the Vein clinic needed to make its' debut in the Gallatin Valley and begin to saturate the market before competition rolled into town. Saturation began with print ads in the local papers and specialty magazines. Staff also traveled to health fairs with brochures and display pieces about vein care and for the booth promoting the benefits of vein care. As the business grew, the office staff wanted to minimize confusion with patients, so a Patient Care Guide was created. This booklet was tabbed for each phase of the patient visits, surgery through aftercare. It also included a space in the back for notes and phone numbers and was placed in a pocket folder which had enough room for any other paper work the patient my accrue during their visits. In 2017, Dr Grace merged Montana Vein Clinic and Surgical Clinic into one business. They moved in to a fully customized office suite, with new signage and a merged identify. They now are targeting new clients around Montana. 



Patient care guide

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